Is it me?

I am aware that my dear old simple Singer has its failings, but I do find inchies tricky.

The zig-zag on my machine is a bit hit and miss and the throat plate has something about it that encourages the edges of fabric to get pulled down into the needle hole……., so the corners of the inchies are especially difficult to perfect.
What I have learnt is that fusing top, middle and bottom works for me and, using quilting needles, I have no trouble with gumming-up. I have only used wadding as a middle, but would like to try other fibres.

Also tricky is free-motion quilting.  I was heartened in some ways to learn from a comment elsewhere that ‘not all machines are capable of FMQ’.  I know I need to practise a lot more, but I have a feeling my machine may fall in to that category.  Rather than have a dropped feed, you cover the teeth with a plate and I wonder if the distance between that and the darning foot is too tight to allow free movement.  I feel I am fighting the fabric sandwich!  I haven’t found a hopping foot to fit.  I say ‘some ways’ as I can’t change my machine.  I might dig out my first electric, a cheap Brother that does have a dropping dog facility.


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One Response to Inchies

  1. misha says:

    My first sewing machine had a plate with which to cover the feed dogs. I tried, but my first 2 quilts were tied and i stopped for a few years until I got an old kenmore from the 70s with drop down feed dogs. Made all the difference. I have been quilting with it for almost 2 years. Don’t give up – find the machine you need.


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