Quilt group

I am so proud of myself!!  If I had kept up my Yoga practice I would pat myself on the back!!  I joined the Quilter’s Guild in November, but it has taken me until today to gather my sense of self to the degree that I could walk into a room full of strangers. 

But as they say, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet – Don’t gag!!!!!

The Welsh Heritage Quilters are lovely – welcoming in a gentle way – diverse – busy – modest and very creative. They set themselves many challenges, offer up their knowledge by way of in-group tutorials, and celebrate their achievements in a bi-annual exhibition.  I hope I am worthy.  I am looking forward to gaining new inspiration and perhaps even sharing any skills I have.

The group meet in the Minerva Arts Centre, home to the Quilt Association, which holds a wonderful annual exhibition.  It was here I first came across the work of Frieda Oxenham, and felt like I had met the holder of the keys to the rainbow!! 

 The vivacity of the Venice inspired journal quilt I saw here in 2009, (thank you Frieda for permission to use this image), was the work that spurred me to break out of my solitude and in to the guild.

Frieda’s distinctive surname keeps making me think of Daphne Oxenford

Her voice still makes me feel safe, and comfortable and the words, always spoken after Daphne’s reading of a story on Listen with Mother, “and that was Daphne Oxenford” is one of my key childhood memories.


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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my work and it’s quite a special feeling to be considered a holder of the keys to the rainbow. I’ll be treasuring those words!


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