Spring Cleaning

I know – but I live in anticipation!!

I do find cleaning an odd job.  I don’t dislike it, but I have never been able, despite checking in to Flylady,  to establish a rhythm!  Sometimes I blitz and all stays dandy for days – on other days, I will ‘do’ an area and find it just as dusty and dishevelled, only hours later.  I am aware that having a woodburner, (though better in the dust stakes than an open fire) and a dog, don’t make life easier, but how do others keep up with irregular, but necessary jobs? Should I write Clean the Windows in my Diary – every month, every two months – once a year???

Many years ago, I had a friend who moved in to a house that was available at a song, because a vicious murder had been committed there.  I asked her, in ghoulish teenage fashion,  if there were any signs.  She said that it had been thoroughly cleaned, except for the undersides of the light switches, and there, in the kitchen, they had found blood stains.  I was shocked on two counts – one, a macabre imagining of the projectile of the blood and two, a mystified awe that anyone ever looked beneath their switches and then cleaned there.  What a horrible shock it is to become an adult and realise that there is more to keeping house than the occasional Hoover, and optional washing up………

I have been poorly (the usual’A Virus’) and what with it being half term and all, the housework has taken a back seat as we tackle larger household projects.  On Sunday we decided to have a slob-out day, me under a duvet watching back to back Fat Doctor episodes!  Cue the neighbours we hadn’t met yet dropping by to say hello!  I have been Spring cleaning ever since!

Whilst a declutter is good for the old Feng Shui of a place, I do like a house which shares an  affectionate relationship with its family’s ephemera.  Do have a read of Gill’s post, concerning the buttons in the fruit bowl etc!!  I have ‘rationalised’ my shelves though, so I am taking a few bits down to the studio which is a trove – of ‘treasures‘ only to me!

I have a thing for little families of animals, anything with Elvis on, and I cannot get rid of the woggle! I also anthropomorphise at International level, so whilst I have trained myself to accept that sometimes a bean may happen to be left in the tin and  it will not subsequently suffer eternal loneliness, I just cannot split up two old paper birds even if their beaks and wings are falling off.


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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Gill says:

    Oh, George, that little collection of treasures is so precious, isn’t it? Glad you’ve found a little home for them and I hope they provoke a non-stop flow of creative juices!

    Hope you’re feeling better, too.


  2. Hazel says:

    Funnily enough, just this morning before reading your post, I was looking around and thinking how do I collect all this stuff. I keep the oddest things because I think they may one day be just the thing I need to finish something I’m creating. I definitely identify with the buttons in the fruit bowl. Must have a clear out! Hope you’re feeling better and isn’t that just the way that the one day you decide to slob out, someone unexpectedly comes to visit!


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