I should be tidying the workplace, then working, not blogging, but my Mojo needs another cuppa to crank up to full volume, so here I am! 

Bob brought my car back on Sunday.  He had to leave it way along the track as we had snow…….again

7.30am Moon still visible

It doesn’t look like much, it isn’t much, but enough to stop the WFV getting his car out. FYI – my Polo – brilliant in snow – his Seat – useless in snow…..

The WFV’s car was supposed to be going in for a catalytic converter replacement (apparently they can crack when they cool too quickly, and it was -17° on occasion in January).  So that was all delayed, but I am so fed up with being here without a vehicle that I got out onto the yard with a yard broom, and many buckets of salty water.  I got the car out and the WFV met me at the garage.  So I am probably about two days away from freedom – and sanity. 

Today the snow has gone and it is chucking it down.  I have a sore throat and ‘glands’ and feel generally run down.  I am giving myself Brownie points though, for getting through a very difficult month with a modicum of decorum.  I am very, very good at being alone, but I am also a depressive.  Off meds for nearly a year, I don’t want to backslide and isolation is both a symptom and a catalyst, so I do need to be self aware.  Thank goodness too that this is a short month as, as well as paying whatever it costs for the Cat (in the region of £250), DS is changing accomodation in July, and we have had to pay the £300 deposit this month – nice one for the landlord – £1800 sitting nicely for 6 months on top of the £1800 he already has from the current occupants! Vulgar to talk of money aren’t I!!!

Once I get my car back, I am off to Colinette, to the Moat Stitching Barn, which recently opened within 5 miles, and to The Mid Wales Arts Centre, also recently opened within five miles. I will be window shopping (see above) but I will be out of the house! Yay!!

When we first moved here, our nearest village,  (with something other than houses) had a dear little train station – the sort with hanging baskets and a warm waiting room, a Spar, a butcher, a newsagent, post office and gas station, and a funny little general store in which you could see into the owner’s front room from which she would leave Richard and Judy to come and serve!  Now we have a Delicatessen!!!!! Yes!!!!  Feast of Food, run by the tireless real-and-slow-foodie-activist Lavinia Vaughan – Welsh cheeses – Olives!!!! and an Art Gallery!!!!! and somewhere to drool over quilting and buy fabric (great for me as I tend to make birthday presents on ‘the day’, a hangover from the days when I would buy fabric on the way home from work to make up and wear on Friday night)! Sadly the station is not pretty anymore……..

I joined the Quilter’s Guild last year, but I haven’t plucked up the courage to go to a local meeting yet.  Has anyone ever been?  Do you lug a WIP along first time, or do you just go and have a look-see?  Most of this regions meets take place in the South – Mid Wales is so sparsely populated that we always tend to be lumped with either North or South – but long drives are a part of life here.  I really ought to go, but I do find the first step the hardest to take. Should feel the fear and do it anyway, but ………

Green bag finished




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One Response to Gloomy

  1. Suz says:

    Hi George..sorry we didn’t manage a cuppa on Monday at Colinette but l’m sure we will some time soon
    Sounds like you’re not far from Shrewsbury you’ll have to come for a coffee when we move into the new house?…a crafty afternoon maybe? hehe

    Love the bag…..just finished one for my friend can’t post pics yet though as it’s a present and she looks at the blog regularly
    So excited about the move and can’t wait for April lol
    Hugs Suz x


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