Good day

I’m having a good day!  I have washing outside, on the line!!!!

Part of my attempt to forge new year routines includes doing an hour outside in the garden, after I feed the goats, instead of running in quickly for tea and toast! It helps to look at pictures of the garden in summer, to remind myself that this muddy swamp always heals!

 I used to be a very keen gardener, knowing all my plants in Latin and English and often by several ye olde worlde nicknames.  I collected Polemoniums and Pulmonarias, Hellebores and Hardy Geraniums.  Now the collections have promiscuously diluted themselves and I have lost touch with the Who’s Who out there.  I don’t think you can recapture past passions, but I do want the garden to remain a place of pleasure and toil, not just the toil it has seemed to be over the past few years.  I guess the economies of scale apply to gardens as well as finance and as we dug and planted more beds, the law of diminishing returns set in and all we seemed to do was weed and weed and weed!  Little and often is the plan now, as well as learning more about shrubs, as a lower maintenance option to the herbaceous perennials I know more about. I am going to number the beds and rotate their care in my morning hour and try not to feel overwhelmed.

I have finished off a few hangovers from 2009.  Feels good doesn’t it!  I have also got well under way on the 21st birthday quilt top (laid out on the spare, and bumpy bed), and intend to practice my machine quilting for a bit before finishing it in leisurely fashion, as well as checking out bindings at Malvern in the Spring as a change from using fabric from the top itself.

This ex jumper has been hanging about for an age waiting for redeployment.  Ultra simply stitched around in a square, left a gap, shoved the filler in and hand stitched the gap.  Sometimes it just has to get done, without the tassels and piping, buttons and zips. There is enough left in the sleeves to see how it felts and then go on to become a teacosy!

These Staghorn mitts (made slightly smaller) are to go with Binky’s Tretta beanie

Although I did not get my annual visit to the top floor of Manchester’s Paperchase, Binky did and surprised me with some gorgeous papers.  Today I covered a new address book and diary.  I love doing it – it is one thing I seem to do without an inner critic sneering at me, and I find it utterly and purely pleasurable!!


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2 Responses to Good day

  1. Em says:

    Love the colors in your quilt.


  2. Gill says:

    Oh, that inner critic is such a pain. Tell her to go away and let you go for it!! Beautiful quilt….can we see a bigger pic?

    Envious of your washing line. We have more of the white stuff today.


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