The Shining

It was so jolly to read at Project Forty of Janice’s connection between the weather and The Shining on the day before I am to spend an entire 24 hours here alone.  I am not a nervy person, but I can work myself up with the best of them!  In reality being here alone in two foot of snow is less threatening than being here in ‘normal’ weather – as far as intruders go …….. intruders of the corporeal variety……… so unless I choke on my dinner, or fall down stairs and am unable to reach the telephone…..if the telephone is working…. or receive a visit from other worldy, beyond the veil, shadow figures…..I’ll be fine.

At last I have finished Raphael AGAIN.  I made it smaller, made the neckline higher, and did a 6 row garter stitch hem to stop the curling.  I am not thrilled with the look, but then I still cannot reconcile the image in the mirror I now see with who ‘I am’ in my mind’s eye.

Next big project Bob’s girlfriend’s 21st birthday quilt which will, I hope, be a little quicker then Binky’s!!!!  I have a charm pack and jelly roll of Moda’s Urban Chiks Sweet,


and I am going to keep the layout simple to let the fabric speak, in the style of people I admire like Elizabeth Hartman and Amy .  I tend to over think my quilts so I am attempting to forge new and more direct pathways in my head! We’ll see if that is possible……


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One Response to The Shining

  1. Em says:

    Love the fabrics you are using for the gift. I’m sure you will do a beautiful job.


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