Finished Handbag

Gloomy day today. There is a world of difference between snow lit by sun and snow greyed by cloud.  I am getting to the stage of ennui, whereby I pick things up and put them down, without much achievement.  I am still ploughing on with the second make of Rowan’s Raphael – the first garment, completed and even worn for a few days was too big.  I frogged and lazily tried to reuse the wool without de-kinking.  I now know that de-kinking is vital despite the pain of having to skein and wet, dry and wind.  I am on the last sleeve now.

The choccy handbag is finished:

Just need to be able to get to a Post Office now……..


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2 Responses to Finished Handbag

  1. Teresa says:

    Fabulous handbag! I love handbags ( and chocolates!)


  2. machelle says:

    I absolutely adore the choc print fabric, you’re so talented!


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