Shepherd’s Warning?

Definite pink tinge to the sky this morning but the goat’s water was only just crusted with ice (it had been 4″ thick earlier this week!) so I feel positive!!

Sir WFV Fiennes made it to school (1½ hour journey rather than 35 mins, but he is indefatigable) and will attempt to hunter gather some goat provisions and human sustenance on the way home.  The game shoot around us is ‘live’ today and twenty or so plus-foured-murder-in-mind men have slogged past.  Whilst my vegetarian soul despises the kill-for-fun activity, it has meant that the shoot staff have cleared a lot of the lane so the WVF may be able to bring stuff fairly near and we can barrow it the rest of the way, and the owner very kindly brought me a huge sack of dog food for Biddy.  I struggle daily with the dichotomy of liking the people, but hating the activity.  There are harder things in life!

The snow days meant I didn’t ‘do’ much.  Is it just me or do y’all find it hard to concentrate on creative work with people around? Knitting is okay, I do that snuggled up on the sofa with the WFV. I have a small studio in the garden in which I do paper-based work, sketching etc., but it is too hard to leave hearth and hubby to go down knowing it will be quite a while before it gets cosy down there.  I sew in the house, but tend to feel reluctant with company.

Anyway I am alone at last, so I have been pottering with a bag idea for my SIL. Ages ago she said she would like a bag smothered in chocolates and I wanted to play with a new style idea.  here is progress so far:


Too preoccupied with weather to recollect, reflect and resolve. 


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One Response to Shepherd’s Warning?

  1. Angela Cox says:

    Love that bag ! I guess anything that even looks like comfort eating at the moment is lovely. Holly is making spicy biscuits …can’t wait.


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