Green please, now.

I love snow – not quite so much as when I had chittlings around to sledge and build snowmen with, but I appreciate its magical qualities, and I would say it’s temporal quality, if only it was temporal.  Twenty years ago, getting snowed in was a thrice yearly, and annual occurence.  Gradually, we got used to wet and grey as the norm, so the White Christmas was a joy, once everyone was safely where they needed to be.

It can go away now. 

This morning, the intrepid Sir  Ranulph WFV set off  at 7.30am for his 35 minute (with a favourable wind) journey to his rural school along rural roads, undaunted and determined.  At 7.31 his secretary rang to say it was snowing heavily where the school is.  At 7.32 I was running down the quarter mile track (see previous post!) in my wellies and nightie, hoping Biddy would act as herald, wailing WFV WFV (names have been changed to protect the innocent) at the top of my voice.  It was definitely gloaming this morning.  Biddy acted the complete nut, but we got to WFV before he moved the car – Sorry he said, was that you calling, I heard it but I thought it was XXX (our maddish local spinster farmer – more Haversham than Hawkswell – and given to screaming at sheep, dogs, and rats – I have more than once run to her aid assuming her to be trapped under the wheels of a farm vehicle, or pinned a la Casualty to an implement, only to have her say “I don’t like rats, see“).

So I caught him up, knees a knocking, with the wind most definitely in the willows, and he said he was going in nevertheless.  He is an headteacher who has never lost the love of snowball fights, health and safety executive notwithstanding.  I said See you Thursday in disapproving tones and went back to bed.

Now risen (obviously), I got some pics in an email from Binky, of a quilt I made five years ago.  One of my resolutions is to keep better records of my work (to remind me when I am low that I do actually make things), and this was a quilt I had handed over without photographing.  I knew I had made it, but eventually lost all memory of its design apart from it’s having a sweet Makower print of African animals as a background, ( the central squares serendipitously put in as there was a shortfall  in the colourway I had chosen).

It is such a joy to see it.  I feel very pleased with it, as if the forgetting has shorted out  my modesty drive, as if I am judging someone else’s work (which, like all of you, I do without my Miss Hannigan hat-of-harshness on).  I like the layout, the colours and the way I’ve lifted the stars by subverting the colour of one point!


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One Response to Green please, now.

  1. Gill says:

    Oh my goodness, you must be truly fed up with it all now! Here’s hoping you’re getting lots of quilting done, that the creative juices aren’t frozen up too. My trouble is, I can’t stop going to look out of the window – can’t settle to anything.

    I am greatly admiring of WFV’s diligence and total lack of shillyshallying. It’s what made the Empire great;-)

    Gorgeous quilt too, btw!


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