2010 begins

I’m ready for the snow to go now. 

Biddy is loving every flake of it, and New Year’s Eve was the most stunning night, with the moonlight reflecting gloriously, but after a week of Lotus eating, the entropic force of the mundane is pulling us back in.  It’s all very well sitting by the fire, knitting, reading, listening to great radio, quaffing all manner of fruited liquor, but all good things draw to a close,  The WFV’s car is in the yard, below the rise to the track, and therefore seasonally off the road. He needs to get to work on Monday and the forecast here is sub-zero temperatures – no chance of a thaw.  Bob needs to get to Cardiff tomorrow, and he has been using my car, so it is on the track and can get to the lane.  Dilemma – boy to Cardiff or man to work? All dilemmas have solutions so boy and friends are currently digging, pushing, gritting and awaiting Landrover with chain to try and get the WFV’s car to a point where it can move! Biddy is helping – her generosity never fails!

Doesn’t look that deep in the pic, but it is 10 – 15 cms where it hasn’t drifted!  Lucky I work from home or we would be torn in three ways instead of two! 

I never do my New Year observations, reflections and resolutions until twelfth night.  I cannot clear my mind until I have cleared the decks, or decked halls should I say somewhat ostentatiously!  I do intend to observe,  reflect, and resolve though – stay tuned!

PS – I love those intrepid boys – quick search through potting shed for old lunge rein, one old but serviceable Landie with diff-lock problems, perseverance, trial and error and enthusiasm and car is on a level part of the track for Monday when the party is truly over for another year


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