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Front Loader Felting

People get a bit over wrought about Felting. If you wish to make a Felt bra, that is understandable as fit will be crucial. Felted hats need to fit, but Felt does allow you to wrestle with it a bit, … Continue reading

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Good day

I’m having a good day!  I have washing outside, on the line!!!! Part of my attempt to forge new year routines includes doing an hour outside in the garden, after I feed the goats, instead of running in quickly for … Continue reading

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The Shining

It was so jolly to read at Project Forty of Janice’s connection between the weather and The Shining on the day before I am to spend an entire 24 hours here alone.  I am not a nervy person, but I can … Continue reading

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Finished Handbag

Gloomy day today. There is a world of difference between snow lit by sun and snow greyed by cloud.  I am getting to the stage of ennui, whereby I pick things up and put them down, without much achievement.  I … Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Warning?

Definite pink tinge to the sky this morning but the goat’s water was only just crusted with ice (it had been 4″ thick earlier this week!) so I feel positive!! Sir WFV Fiennes made it to school (1½ hour journey rather … Continue reading

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Green please, now.

I love snow – not quite so much as when I had chittlings around to sledge and build snowmen with, but I appreciate its magical qualities, and I would say it’s temporal quality, if only it was temporal.  Twenty years ago, getting … Continue reading

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2010 begins

I’m ready for the snow to go now.  Biddy is loving every flake of it, and New Year’s Eve was the most stunning night, with the moonlight reflecting gloriously, but after a week of Lotus eating, the entropic force of … Continue reading

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