How Posh Are We!!

I feel like the queen!  This year I have been able to stand down from card making duty as our darling son in law has, in his capacity as professional, and beyond excellent, photographer, produced two scenes of our property that are an ideal way to represent our festive best wishes!

The one on the left is looking across to the jetty of what we have long debated as being, variously,  the big pond, the small lake, the lakelet.  The jetty is in a snug little sun bowl and the scene of many summer naps for the WFV who had the dream of a pond-lake-lakelet. In the spring the water is turbulent with frogs and in winter it is occasionally skateable! In the autumn it gloriously reflects the changing colours of the bracken on the hill.

The scene on the right is taken from the hill which leads to our gate then up ‘the ride’ to our cottage, which is just glimpsed in the distance. Just to the right of the gate is hidden Biddy’s favourite wallow.  I love to come home this way, but sometimes I take another route so as to avoid having to get the mop bucket out as soon as we reach home!


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3 Responses to How Posh Are We!!

  1. Hazel says:

    Fabulous photography. They could almost be paintings! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Xmas filled with magic and all that you wish for in the coming year. xx


  2. Holly Cox says:

    Hello Georgina, Mum did delete her blog. But shes got a new one.
    I’m sure she’d love for you to drop by as she’s been trying to remember your blog addy to tell you.
    Many Christmas good wishes to you,


  3. Gill says:

    Wow! Beautiful place….great photography too.

    What a clever s-i-l you have – or perhaps, a clever daughter for choosing someone so talented. Come to think of it, perhaps she takes after her mother!?


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