It’s Christmasssssssssss

If it’s Christmas, it has to be bunting time.  Red Velvet, backed by an old  Michael Miller Christmas  print – black with colourful  baubles, and adorned with the word ‘Twinkle’ in lurex and sparkled voile.  I have had my first mince pie, and I feel a tad festive despite wrestling with a flat tyre and self locking wheel nuts that make me feel quite, quite, mad.  It was me or the tyre and I won, so I feel quite supreme despite having to buy a new tyre and a new battery.  The car is, in the absence of a horse, an essential on this muddy hail battered hill!!


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2 Responses to It’s Christmasssssssssss

  1. Em says:

    Sorry about the flat tire. Bummer. Love the twinkle.


  2. Gill says:

    Yay! Glad you won over that tyre – not sure that I would have done!

    Like the twinkle bunting, too. I’m a bit behind on the mince pie stakes but that might change tomorrow – dh’s choir need a batch for their rehearsal on Sunday and I very much doubt that I can bake some without eating any!

    I can only imagine the mud levels around there – with all this rain I should think it’s knee deep?


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