A couple finished

Which is not to say that’s all I’ve been doing!! There is another large knitted bag pouch on the needles – same as the small pouch a lovely Colinette single coloured Tagliatelle from the factory shop – I am so into red at the moment!!  I have a deep purple velvet pouch underway that is giving no end of trouble.  I am trying to align a central panel but – in the words of Paul Simon – it keep slip sliding away.  I am sooooooooooo patient in my old age though, I just keep on ripping back and trying again with my halo all aglow!  It will eventually come good – will post pic when that day comes!

Here is a little felted number. I bought some Kauni yarn just to see what happened with the various dye lengths, but I didn’t like the end result (what I thought would be red was brown and the green morphed to bright yellow which I didn’t like), so I felted it in the machine and it made great fabric.





Here is another pic, including the afore mentioned red knitted number and the purple pest,  (I saved this post as a draft a few days ago, and have since been to Andover – time passes – if I were a sit-com I’d have gone all wavey!)


This miscellany doesn’t accurately reflect size: top bags are both handbags, bottom two small coin pouches.

Went to Lisa’s shop opening.  Do Not go to Knighton in Powys without finding First 4 Yarns – it is everything you could wish for in a glamorous and modern LYS.  I got some yummy-yum-yum Cascade, which is beautifully soft, gorgeously coloured and felt-iliscious, and some similarly coloured Opal for socks for ME, ME, ME!!



 And I also bought this book (Lisa has an enticing selection)

and I am in love already, but torn between the two loves of Darcy and Elizabeth!!



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One Response to A couple finished

  1. colin says:

    Wow, you have some talent! Love the quilts too.


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