What a weekend!

There were lows, there were highs!  At 8.00 am Biddy was running free on the Welsh Hills again, unaware of the heartache and happiness she left in the wake of her unplanned absence!

My advice to any pet owner, be they owners of a cat, rabbit, horse, tortoise, snake – is to microchip – and to ensure that they have their mobile number registered.  If we had had other than our Wales number listed, Biddy would have been with us on Friday night.  Also, if we had had her chip details with us – I didn’t even know what company she was registered with!!

When you call the local authority to inform the dog warden, insist that he is informed immediately – if our Friday afternoon message had got through to the actual warden, Biddy would have been with us on Friday night.

If you call the Police 0845 number which will be listed in bold in directories,  they will tell you that the police have nothing to do with dogs.  If you call the local police station, you will find out that they love dogs as much as the next person, have blankets and treats, a microchip reader and lovely ways with people and animals.  If the person on 0845 I spoke to had not just kept emphatically telling me that they had NOTHING to do with dogs, Biddy would have been with us on Friday night!

Lessons have been learned!

My poor elderly and absent minded mother blames herself for leaving the front door open.  I blame myself for taking my eye off the ball.  I was retuning Mum’s digital Freeview, because the Daily mail told her it had to be done – she never uses it – doesn’t even know how it switches on!!!

All is well that ends well and as she ran and ran and ran through the wet grass this morning, all was certainly well


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One Response to What a weekend!

  1. Em says:

    I’m so glad you found your dog. What a relief to you.


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