Biddy is lost

p10008962If you know anyone who lives in Hampshire, Wiltshire or surrounding counties, please ask them to look out for Biddy, or look out for any one who had ‘aquired’ a new little sheepdog.



She is chipped and wearing a Dog’s Trust yellow and black collar.  She was lost from Charlton Road in Andover in Hampshire on Friday afternoon, and may have been seen in Artist’s Way, near Anton Lakes.  She is very friendly – worrying – but I have to believe that most people would do the right thing and not keep her – if they do I hope they love her well.  She is a sweet and foolish pet, but someone once told me she was too gun-dog looking not to be valuable – again I hope such thefts are rare. The dog warden knows, the Dog’s Trust know, local Vets, Abulance drivers and Post men know.   The police and the RSPCA don’t want to know.  Tesco’s has a notice and several small estate shops.  We have pinned up flyers and talked to dog owners .  She is so fleet of foot she could travel a long way in a short time.  I hope someone has taken her in and will call the warden on Monday


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One Response to Biddy is lost

  1. Gill says:

    Oh no….how awful to be missing her. I hope she comes home soon.


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