and worse!

It’s definitely at the turning of the seasons that life proves most challenging.  I had a Shetland Pony who lived to be (at least) 45 and in his golden years he did struggle a bit with Spring and Autumn. Today at last, my Orf seems to have stopped growing like a self-inflating Dinghy, and Aloe Vera seems to soothe if not cure.  I have ordered Thuja, as a homeopathic for myself, and for the goats, in case they are the source.  My Lymph system is still compromised and the antibiotics have not yet proven efficacious – I loathe taking them but the onslaught of insistence from those brave enough to view, convinced me and I will embark on heavy duty Yogurt eating, once the course is run!!

But today, poor WFV hobbled home on crutches!!  The docs can’t give him a definitive diagnosis, but we are sure it is linked to his wheat intolerance.  We inadvertently drank wheat beer last weekend, and we risked a meal in a new Indian restaurant that may have contained wheat.  It amazes me how quick the onslaught of, and how varied, the reaction is.  Headaches, skin problems, bloating, insomnia and serious joint pain.

Somehow, if I can be the back legs and WFV can be the front, this Pantomime Horse of a marriage should clip clop its way happily through Autumn!!


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2 Responses to and worse!

  1. Hazel says:

    What a miserable time you’re both having. Sending all good wishes that you are both back to normal very soon. Glad at least to hear that the swelling is going down a bit for you. How about some Echinacea tincture to help your immunity to cope and lots of live yoghurt after the antibiotics which you’ve mentioned anyway. Soon we’ll get through the transition and autumn proper will arrive with lots of lovely walks to look forward to and hopefully time to admire the beautiful kaleidoscope of colour that comes with all those fallen leaves. Feel better soon!


  2. Jackie says:

    hello – you popped up on my blog!
    Orf responds to copper sulphate – dh makes a solution in a bucket and dunks noses in it (goats and sheeps noses, that is, not ours) – he says it takes two to three days – and you might need to find a dairy farmer to get your copper sulphate. :0)


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