If you happen to see my Mojo loitering in a graffitied bus shelter somewhere drinking cheap Cider, please dare to tap it on it’s renegade shoulder and say it is needed at home – urgently.

Is it just my home, or do all houses look careworn and frayed after the summer? Is it just me or are all creative geniuses (genii??) (!!) careworn and frayed in Autumn?

Managed one little felted number – Cascade, knitted and felted in the washing machine, embellished with pretty beads!

felted hearts 2


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2 Responses to

  1. Em says:

    Your felted bag is cute.


  2. Gill says:

    Can’t believe I missed you at Tewkesbury 😦

    Know what you mean about feeling that way at this time of the year. Time for a new pair of shoes, a bright new pencil case and a fresh start on something I think. Go buy fabric !!


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