Craft fair

The craft fair was an age ago, but I’ve had ‘women troubles’ (again!!!) and haven’t felt like doing much other than sitting (and knitting),  feeling glum.

It is true to say that the Art market was not a sell-out. Binky sold a few of her wonderful cards and I sold a couple of bags from my bargain basket.  I put prototypes and bags I personally don’t like into the bargain basket.  The two bags I sold were the two Binky and I least liked, so it goes to show that one man’s meat etc. etc.

On the hugely plus side, we really enjoyed making the stall look fab,

Hannah Liverpool Aug 16 2009

Hannah First Ever Stall

we got loads of great feedback and some invites to other fairs, the other marketeers were absolutely fabulous – friendly, welcoming and really helpful, and so we didn’t feel too bad, told us that no-one was selling much that day and that September is usually busier.

We were disappointed, who wouldn’t be, but we are going to be tenacious and not take this as a sign that we are on the wrong track, or give up at the first hurdle (which is my programmed response).  We are going to Robert the Bruce it!!


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One Response to Craft fair

  1. Hazel says:

    That looks such an inviting and wonderful display. Absolutely do not give up at the first hurdle. You and Binky create such beautiful pieces, you’re bound to be successful!


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