All a blur

S’funny isn’t it – sometimes it all goes along like a well oiled Janome and on other days life is like a gummed up old KTel button stitcher (blimey where did that memory crawl from?)

I have been stitching away non-stop for several weeks – the weather has helped for once  but I am a bit stitched out .  At the beginning of the project (see last post), ideas were flying and bags were piecing together with ease .  For the last two days all that can go wrong has gone wrong – I have chosen colours badly, glue has gone everywhere but where it should go, I have forgotten to put the presser foot down a zillion times and I feel a bit spaced out!  I am very nervous – I am a rural homebody, almost a recluse,


and I am going to be out on the mean streets in the big city!  What am I thinking? Thank goodness for my darling  Binky – mum’s chaperone for the day! In repayment for her lovely company, theWFV and I are fitting a loo for her next day – artist and plumber, that’s me! Then when we get home, I am leaving the sewing machine well alone for a few days and I am getting outside to deadhead and weed!!


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