Binky and Billy

Well, with the art fair zooming up,


 I have spent all day resurrecting the website on a rudimentary scale!



It is amazing how much you can forget in a short time.  I used to be quite the Queen of html, but even the ftp process had me spitting feathers! My problem is, I don’t know what I want the website to look like, or how I want it to function.  Until we do the first fair, although I know that Binky’s work is very high quality and highly desirable, I don’t even know whether my stuff is utter cr*p!!! And don’t get me started on pricing!  I was talking to an artist at the weekend who was advised to take her work “to the next level”.  This did not mean changing or ‘improving’ her work, it meant trebling her prices!  Simple as that!  To attract wealthier clients, charge more – a simple law, but a hard one to apply if you have zero experience of commerce and zero confidence.

I just plug away in stitch and knit land.




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