Wait for the glue to dry…….

Making Binky’s Silk quilt was in many ways a disaster, but as is the way of the world, it was also a wonderful experience.  I learnt so much, not least tenacity, as I have been, in the past, a person who throws in the towel at the first sign of trouble.  It could easily have ended up as another ‘failure’. 

I learnt to slow down.  I am a person who loves instant results, who would ‘run up’ a dress to wear on Friday night, with fabric bought on Friday afternoon.  Well this took a little longer, and taught me to persevere, to not panic, to find ways around the problem, and to just do what heeds to be done in a steady and consistent way.  I may have to relinquish my Flibbertigibbet status. I now clear the table thoroughly before starting each new making, I put tops on glue and beads immediately, I WAIT for the glue to ‘prove’ before I put bags to frames, all pins go straight into pincushion, and needles are kept in order in the needle-case.  Toolbox is sorted and vacuumed for fluff (as is sewing machine) regularly.  I am,  in short, a paragon, thanks to Binky’s Silk quilt!

I don’t have many UFOs these days (not the same as having lots of works in progress).  I tend to finish what I have started and that feels very very good.  I have a knitting piece on the go – a top for Binky using a Colinette factory cone of unnamed 4ply.  It’s an amalgam of Rowan  Hepburn for shape, and Lamour for stitch pattern, with a bit of jiggery pokery to make it work!


 Late MIL’s unfinished tapestry church cushions are still ongoing, are not a labour of love, and will be a WIP for a number of years I fear, but will get finished one day.

I have just finished a handbag which was a last minute commission -a friend asked me on Sunday to help her find a handbag for a wedding, and she has to leave tomorrow!  She showed me her dress –
East Anokhi Pomegranate and we discussed shoes, jewellery etc.  while she looked at my readymades, none of which were ‘just right’, so I knew I could rely on Lisa at U Handbag for the findings, and ordered the frame on Monday.  It came this morning. So (thank goodness for fabric and bead stashes) –



And on the quilting front, I am making a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a Duck Egg blue and white bedroom, and I fancied trying a lot of different blocks, so a Sampler Quilt is ongoing. It is using fabric I bought in America oooooh must be seven years ago??? I told you I am learning to burn slowly!!! Here are the so-far blocks pinned to a fabric wardrobe, my makeshift quilt board




You will all have spotted the Rosebud block, I only noticed when I had to sleep in that room when my insomnia took hold –


I will, of course, with all due patience and diligence be righting the wrong!!!


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One Response to Wait for the glue to dry…….

  1. Rebecca says:

    I used to be a rusher too but I learned to slow right down and now I either finish what I begin or, crucially for me, take the decision to scrap it. The funny thing is that disciplining myself like this seems to help me achieve so much more.

    The bag is lovely, your friend must have been delighted.


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