Fed Up with October


What a rotten day it feels.  I hate it when I feel irrationally low, although I know the grey sky  is largely to blame.  All is well, no one egregiously worriable, house still standing, taps still supplying water both hot and cold, food in the cupboards, veg patch loving the rain  – so I feel bad about feeling bad.  Just went to the car and the battery is flat because I left the keys in the ignition – which is weird as WFV did exactly the same on Monday – so it’s good that I hadn’t put the charger away!  Couldn’t at first open the bonnet, so it’s good that we had a tin of WD40 in the shed.

Binky flew in for a few minutes yesterday – so that’s lovely and today is seeming extra lonely because of that I suppose ( so I would not change that!) She was looking for something and went into a cubby hole that has been undisturbed for a few years and dug out my old small doll box


 Here are a Japanese doll and a Chinese doll sitting on a Kimono my father bought me when I was 12.  I love that Kimono but it is now as fragile as a butterfly’s wings.  perhaps it’s rediscovery is adding to my melancholy.  I miss my Dad.


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One Response to Fed Up with October

  1. Gill says:

    Oh heck..sounds like a packet of sunshine is needed. Perhaps letting go of a little more sadness will leave you feeling better too – I hope so.

    What sweet dolls – delightful faces.


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