It is such a busy time of year.  The WFV is crawling exhausted towards the holidays, and falls asleep on the sofa most nights, while I seem to be on hyperdrive and cannot sleep at all.  The garden is fabulous, but the weeds are rampant and – forgive me butterflies – I have waged war on nettles in my wildflower patch, and I am able to pick every day now from the vegetable garden!

With Binky and I having this craft stall coming up in August – something new to us both, I am beavering away at handbags, and often have an idea in the middle of the night which I cannot wait to try out.  Really I should be churning out tried and tested bags, but  that is not me.  As I make each new sample I think to myself that we will have to have a big basket of bargains, as the first attempts don’t meet my stratospheric quality levels!

Came up with a complicated bag for bling, that would hold four bangles, four rings and three or more necklaces.  It is way too complex to make to sell as I would have to charge $64,000 to make it worthwhile (slight exaggeration!), but I really enjoyed working it all out!

IMGP3905You can just about make out the divided base, four tiny ring pockets with flaps, and three horizontal pockets with a band across the top which you can fasten the necklaces around to secure.

bling bag

Then I spent an entire morning researching and trialling different fabric roses.  Very interesting, especially Calamity Kim’s gorgeous folded squares, a method I have seen used before, but not with such panache!  I used the cobweb method on a little clutch. (apologies – I just can’t take good pics at the moment – hopefully the wind will change soon)


Unfortunately the pink covering on the metal frame (from Kleins), is not resistant to the glue remover ( I always get a little bit of glue here and there), so I then had to bling it up with my fabulous Rio glitters. Hopefully it’s serendipitous rather than calamitous?



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2 Responses to Busy

  1. Anne says:

    My you are a busy bee , I love the bags you have made especially the one with the roses on,its gorgeous. Would love to visit your stall, where abouts are you holding it ?


  2. machelle says:

    I love how you designed the jewelry bag! I’m also going to give those roses a go… I never saw that tutorial before.. thanks for the link!


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