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Wait for the glue to dry…….

Making Binky’s Silk quilt was in many ways a disaster, but as is the way of the world, it was also a wonderful experience.  I learnt so much, not least tenacity, as I have been, in the past, a person … Continue reading

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Cotton Quilt and two purses

Binky’s Cotton quilt in Moda Charisma Girlie purse about 4″ x 4″ Another girlie purse

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Bite the bullet

Well – the time has come to tell the story of Binky’s 21st birthday quilt! Most things I do, I do once, and then I am onto the next adventure – so when I decided to make a silk quilt, I had no … Continue reading

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Fed Up with October

What a rotten day it feels.  I hate it when I feel irrationally low, although I know the grey sky  is largely to blame.  All is well, no one egregiously worriable, house still standing, taps still supplying water both hot … Continue reading

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It is such a busy time of year.  The WFV is crawling exhausted towards the holidays, and falls asleep on the sofa most nights, while I seem to be on hyperdrive and cannot sleep at all.  The garden is fabulous, … Continue reading

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