Knitting Content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finished my Ravelry rose, so if you notice it please say hello!!!!!!!



It was whipped up by knitting what is basically a long, gradually widening strip which is rolled around itself.  The petals are formed by random cast-off and ons, with the addition of a few scattered beads.  I also sprayed on a bit of fabric glitter – just because it was there.  The leaves are backed by fabric and because I am such a lazy so-and-so, or, more positively, keen to get a quick result, I used iron-on bonder. I sewed a safety pin to the back – its a bit too big, but all I could find – we never seem to have enough safety pins to offer a choice of size and yet I can always find one! 

After months and months in the wilderness, I am really excited about Wonderwool Wales (not least because I just remembered that there is a local food fair at Llanelwedd on the same weekend) AND in less than a month I will be wallowing in the deliciousness that is the Spring Quilt Beano at Malvern!!!

When I have settled back into the old one-two, ( although I am still up and down as Mum (86) is not coping too well) I will tell you the sad and sorry tale of the silk quilt (happyish ending!) and the delight of the new Moda Charisma quilt!!!!


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