Biddy Better

Biddy is much better – she has had a lovely Easter with visitors who included nearly-teenagers who love to run!  She went to the seaside and played with lots of other dogs, drank sea water, and was sick!!!


I have actually been making – for the first time in a while, but our camera is somewhere deep in the bowels of the WFV’s school bag – I am not going in there – not for anything – but I wish I could show you the knitted rose I have made for WonderWoolWales, Saturday week.  I must try and Ravelryfy it so I might get a few helloes!!


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One Response to Biddy Better

  1. Gill says:

    Delighted to hear from you!

    Having said that, so sorry to read of your sad loss – quite understand that one (been there done that) especially your remark about the privilege of sharing those last, precious hours.

    I’ve wondered often how you are and what’s happening over in a Rose Coloured World. I’m glad you’re back on my RSS feed again – missed you!


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