Poor Biddy

Biddy had her spaying op today. She is very sad and sleepy and a complete contrast to her normal self.  I haven’t had a young dog for nearly twenty years .  Since my rescue pup Ellie grew to be 17 and had to be put to sleep, I have adopted old dogs (and I do mean old!!) from the Dog’s Trust and they have been wonderful companions.  When Boo was put to sleep in December I was heart broken.  He was the nicest dog I have ever known – beloved by all who met him, even non dog lovers.  I really felt that it would be unfair to expect any dog to live up to him and also felt to emotionally overwrought to be able to love a ‘new’ dog.

Then my vet phoned to say someone had brought in a stray – a very young, very lively border collie X springer spaniel ( Since my Beagle Roxie, who I had when I was a teenager, all my dogs have been pure-bred or collie mixes) Well she came home! Of course she did!!!


She is amazing, wonderful, delightful.  So full of energy and joie de vivre, and love for everyone and everything, she has injected my life with verve and welcome zest.  She sat with my mother and I on an all night vigil beside my father’s bed, in the last hours of his life –  as good as gold.  She goes to agility training every week and tries her best and has fun with all her chums!

So I hope she gets well soon.  She is a darling.


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