CQ Journal quilts for June and July

Georgina Newson JuneGeorgina Newson July

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True Creativity

Me and my utterly beautiful Binky in 1985

Hannah 6 days old 2

Binky and her utterly beautiful Reuben born June 8 2014

Reuben 8 days

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A Handbag?!!

Whole 3Whole


I used a piece of pink velvet that I considered to be “Meh” and two different silks that I considered to be “Yum”.  I made the velvet yummy by printing, stencilling and applying some lengths of gorgeous Colinette yarns.  The handbag is my current favourite style, built around a tubular metal frame.  It has just two pockets – one for phone, one for camera – and is capacious.  I am trying to keep the contents minimal….ha!!

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May CQ Journal Quilt

Georgina Newson May

A May we will never forget.

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CQ Journal Quilts: January, February, March, and April

Georgina Newson January

Georgina Newson February

Georgina Newson March

Georgina Newson April

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Done, (I hope)

Unless I get feedback asking for tweaks, I have finished my C&G Level 3 certificate. The External Verifier only comes once a year so when I heard that the deadline was Friday, I just had to get everything done rather than wait another year.  I have completed the work in 18 months, (you are allowed four years!) so I have been going it a bit.  My poor garden, (or rather poor DH because he has worked very hard by himself to keep it in order!) my poor house, friends and family.  I am back in the room y’all!!

So, over the past months, I have filled even more sketchbooks, prepared portfolios on five elements of design, stitched dozens and dozens of samples and made five items to demonstrate a range of skills in design,, piecing, and, appliqué.  Image




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Sample Book

I had to gather samples of beads, buttons, cords, braids and tassels for my Level 3 City and Guilds – I wasn’t looking forward to it, not being a big fan of the Dorset Button, or braid, but then I decided to gather the samples in book form and being able to reconnect with my love of book art, which has had to be on the back burner for a while, made the task fun.

I had some Gelli-plate printed fabric samples from a Level 2 study day and put them to use in making the covers.



The book is built onto pelmet weight Vilene layered with black Felt.  I wanted 10 display pages and two fly leaves, and cut lengths, (both Vilene and felt needed a join – masking taped the Vilene, over-sewed the Felt) which I could concertina into pages.  I added the beady-buttony content before I stitched pairs of pages back to back, simply machine zig-zagging in metallic thread.

BBCB 6My initial idea of binding was to use a heat tool to make holes for eyelets, and then simply use large book rings to hold everything together.  In the end, I liked the Gelli-plate prints so much, I used them for fly-leaf covers, front and back covers, and added a spine instead of the rings.



Every page has a sample of cord, beads, buttons, braid and a tassel at the end of the cord which hangs beneath the book.  I enjoyed making some buttons using layers of Felt or Vilene and bonding ribbons or threads to them.  The great thing about both Vilene and Acrylic felt is that you can simply melt the holes into the buttons using a heat tool.  The brightly colour square buttons on the left, use Colinette Giotto and are toughened up with a coating of Modpodge.  In the sample above, the fairly commonplace rolled fabric beads are livened up by dipping one end into UTEE and heating it to form a shiny glaze.

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